Course Title: UAE Business Law
Instructor: Dr Christopher Reynolds
1. Course Description:
This course provides an overview of the legal environment for business. Reference to legal practice in the UAE, ethical issues and international law are the themes throughout this course.

The purpose of this course in introducing students to the legal environment is to lead students to an understanding of the persuasiveness of law in the society of economics, and to develop an awareness of the need to understand the basics of law for business practice. This course covers several main areas of legal reasoning pertaining to business practice and seeks to enable the student to avoid risk and know their rights in business.
2. Course Objectives:
• Introduce students to the legal environment of business practice.
• To enable a student to recognise potentially ‘dangerous’ or costly situations.
• To enable the student to make ethical considerations in the course of their business.
• To understand the impact of the international law upon national legal environments.
• To introduce the student to legal reasoning.
• To recognise and articulate legal issues through oral classroom discussion and written reports.