Course Title:
Professional Communication
Dr Christopher Reynolds
Course Description:

This is a course in professional skills development introducing participants to the theory and importance of communication in business and government and teaches practical writing skills and public speaking skills needed in professional life.

 The programme consists of three parts: Communications Management, Professional Writing and Professional Speaking.

The course presents writing and speaking skills in the context of communications management and looks at the need to be organised, clear and in control in both written and spoken presentations.

Participants are introduced to various writing techniques that they are likely to use in their professional life as well as being introduced to the style and formats used in TV and radio as they meet the needs of clients in government, business and communications.


Course Objectives:

This course focuses on the need to be effective in communication. Participants are shown how different styles and formats are used to meet client needs and audience expectations.


Major objectives of the course are:

1. To enable participants to communicate with purpose

2. To introduce writing and speaking as a rational communications management process.

3. To provide an overview of writing styles for newsletters, presentations and reports.

4. To establish an understanding of the different contexts for media writing.

5. To develop public speaking skills for presentations and interviews

Upon completion of this course students should be able to plan out their communication for written and spoken presentations and feel confident in responding professionally in interviews and negotiation.