Marketing of Higher Education
  Only a proper University will do for Sydney's West
  A Disillusioned America
  Presidential Image Management 1997
  Organisational Transformation for Business and Government - 1997
  1985 Farm Bill Considerations for Legislation
  In the Shadow of the Crown
  Selling Soap and Senators
  Could Fiji happen here?
  A question of relevance - America's place in Europe
  Selecting a President
  After the Bitter Bout
  Do we need a Republic?
  South Africa why give a damn?
  Redefining the Enemy
  Oh, What a lovely war
  Why Reagan attacked Libya
  Tiananmen Square: US a perspective
  Strength Through Diversity
  Guru Mahalinga and the Temple Bible
Children's Learning Development
  Raising Boys
  School can be a struggle, even if you're Spiderman
  The Smart-School Revolution
  Why Man Can't Live on the Moon
  How Do Children Learn
  Learning Development Newspaper - Tips for Teaching Boys
  Learning Development Newspaper - Tips for Teaching Girls
  The Feminisation of the Classroom
  A Paradigm for Inclusion - The Four Principles for Success
  Increasing Intelligence
  Inclusion - Can It Work?
  Excellence in Education through Learning Development
  Inclusion of Special Needs Children in School Requires a New Model of Education
  Accelerated Learning Development
  UAE Federal Law 29: Implications for Private Schools in the UAE
  Implementation of the UN Convention on Rights
  Lessons to Learn as School Doors Open to Special Needs Pupils
  Why the Feminine Touch is Failing Boys
  Descartes - The Quest for Knowledge
  Richard Niebuhr: Deliquency as a Matter of Conscience
  The New Fundamentalism
Law and Legislation
  UAE Federal Law 29
  Implementation of the UN Convention on Rights
  1985 Farm Bill Considerations for Legislation
  Private Policing
  Producing Change in Police Organisations: The Story of the New South Wales Police Service 1996
Public Relations
  Issue Management & Gun Debate 1997
  Strategic Communications 1996
  The changing face of Public Relations
  The Grim Reaper AIDS Campaign: Public Relations and Advertising Programme
Business and Finance
  Japanese Tax Reform
  Guanxi Price Preferencing
  The Financial Crisis as Critical Event and Guanxi
  Value of the Asian Model
  Global Growth Model for SE Asia
  Foreign Investment and the Financial Crisis
  Foreign Investment in Southeast Asia
  Aftermath of the Crisis and an Asian Model
  Asia's Miracle - Need for Regional Strategy
  Responsible Business
  The Economic Basis for the World Trade Center Sydney
Social Reform
  The Right and Wrong of Abortion
  Right to Life
  Abortion: Whose rights are we protecting?
  Alcohol Abuse and its implications for the family
  Indiana fights back against alcoholism
  Helping poor children
  Healthy Families
  Does Anybody Care: Australia's homesless Youth
  Will the Real Batman Stand Up?
  The Silence of the Lambs
  Stress Management
  Study Techniques
  How to save on your telephone bill
  Basic Instinct