Global Logic: The Challenge of Globalisation for Southeast Asia Business


Introduction: Challenges to Conventional Wisdom:
1. A Review of the Growth of Global Business

The Changing Profile of International Business
International Agreements
The Growth of Transnational Companies
Changing Paradigms

2: Globalisation Defined

A New Civilisation
The History to Globalisation
The Emerging Global Economy
The Changing Nature of the Global Society

3: The Southeast Asian Economic Miracle and International Trade Theory

The Economic Miracle
Why the Miracle Fizzled
Trade Theory Analysis

4: The Growth of Regionalism

The Attraction of Regionalism.
Regionalism for SE Asia’s Future

5: Global Finance and Southeast Asia

Money Matters
Asian Money
Foreign Capital
Crisis Management and the Need for Reform

6: Southeast Asian Business Systems

Business and Culture
A Mosaic of Cultures and Traditions
In Search of a Predominant Business System

7: The Financial Crisis as a ‘Critical Event’ for the Guanxi Business System

Guanxi as a Socio-commercial System
The Dynamics of Change
Responding to Exogenous Factors

8: Redefining Competition
  Production Driven Competition
New Approaches to Competition
9: A Global Management Approach
  The Practice of Management
Management by Interaction.
Challenges for Global Management
10: A Global Marketing Approach
  Marketing Theory
Marketing in the Global Context
Southeast Asian Customers
Marketing Implications
11: Global Business Strategies for Southeast Asian Business
  Strategic Planning
Managing within Change
An Action-response Strategy for the Global Era
12: Engaging the Future: Critical Conversations for Southeast Asian Business
  Economic Liberalism
A World of Conversations