About the Author
Dr Christopher Reynolds,

B. A., Dip Ed. (Flinders), B. D. (Melbourne), M. A. (Claremont), Ph. D. (Claremont)


Dr Reynolds is author of the book “Global Logic” (2002) and having lectured in International Business and Marketing for nearly a decade, is the Manager of the British Institute for Learning Development in Dubai. Dr Reynolds completed his Ph. D. and Masters degrees at Claremont Graduate University, one of America’s more prestigious universities, where he was heavily influenced by Peter Drucker and Alvin Toffler. His study of law, ethics and government, combined with several prominent management positions provide Dr Reynolds with an objective foundation to manage a new business in the Middle East.

Dr Reynolds has held appointments as Professional and Senior Professional Staff with the US Senate and House of Representatives in the United States and worked on several projects with White House staff receiving a Commendation for his work. In Australia, Dr Reynolds held the position of Executive Officer with the New South Wales Government. In the private sector, he has been the Executive Director the World Trade Centre, Sydney, and practiced as a public relations and marketing consultant.

Now based in the Middle East, Dr Reynolds worked for many years in Southeast Asia and was a member of the Brunei Economic Development Council Subcommittee on Oil and Gas Diversification, and the Chair of the APEC 2000 Study Centre Consortium Meeting.

Dr Reynolds’ unique qualifications and experience give him a broad base to write and teach on global business and marketing opportunities in developing economies. Also see: http://www.british-ild.com/

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